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How to Become an Environmental Specialist

environmental specialists

Environmental specialists are professionals who work in various fields related to natural science. They focus on environmental protection, resource replenishment, and improved human health. Environmentalists like Marc Dumont Alberta specialists collect samples and perform tests to determine how pollutants can affect the environment and human health. They conduct scientific research to come up with solutions for these problems. They also consult with clients and agencies to implement solutions to reduce pollution. They may also set up clean-up operations in polluted areas. Depending on the field, there are many opportunities for environmental specialists.

Environmental Specialists Need Good Organizational Skills

To become an environmental specialist, students need a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. This degree requires extensive study of several subjects and may require extra courses in humanities, communication, computer modeling, and geographic information systems. Environmental specialists may work in government, non-profit, or private sectors. Often, environmental scientists gain their first experience in the field through seasonal work with federal agencies. These positions are typically focused on wildlife ecology or natural resource protection. Environmental specialists with graduate degrees may also work in government.

In addition to strong problem-solving abilities, environmental specialists need good organizational skills. They may need to analyze data and come up with ways to reduce pollution in a specific body of water or cut down on the waste produced by a company. Environmental specialists must be meticulous about keeping track of multiple files containing environmental data, research, and reports. They also must be adept at communicating information to colleagues. If these skills are lacking, environmental specialists may have a tough time navigating the environment.

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