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How to Create Microsoft Office Setup File

Microsoft Office is a well-known word processing software application which allows its users to create documents, draw diagrams, spreadsheets and other worksheets. This application can be used on all the major operating systems including Windows, Apple Macintosh OS, Linux and UNIX. It comes packed with many useful features such as Microsoft Office Graphical Office Suite, Microsoft Word processor, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. This popular software application helps you carry out varied tasks with ease and simplicity. You do not have to install it on every computer as it comes in compact file formats which can be directly downloaded from Microsoft’s official site. But if you have installed Microsoft Office and want to transfer the files, here are few tips that can help you do so without much difficulty.

Microsoft Office Setup


Before starting with the process of transferring Microsoft Office data, you have to create a product key. Microsoft has issued security guidelines, which require users to create a product key which guarantees that the product purchased from this website is authentic and can be used by third parties. To start the process of creating product key, click on “Start”, then “Run” and type “regedit” in the field given. In a window, click “Edit”, then “Find” and type the path of the file you want to transfer, For example, if you want to transfer My Documents, click on “My Document”. In a while, your document will be opened in Excel, without you having to open Excel file on any other computer.


To check the validity of the product key created, you can use “charms log” built into Microsoft Office. If you successfully opened the charms log, then your product key is valid and you can proceed further with Microsoft Office Setup. If you have not opened the charms log, then follow these steps to create a product key for Microsoft Office: Click “Start” button > “Run” > “MS Outlook” The word “cipher” should be replaced by “hex cipher”. After successful installation, you can now successfully open Microsoft Office and view all your documents.

More info- office.com/setup

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