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Knutsford Masks – Information About This Famous British Costume

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Knutsford is a town in the county of Cheshire, England situated in the north west of England. It is a major tourist destination because of the many famous British film and television stars that have their homes there. One of the most famous actors to live in Knutsford is Jim Broadbent who played the character of Macaulay Culkin in the movie Home Alone. He also had a home in Knutsford. It was here that he bought his very first mask as he used to go to the cinema on a very regular basis there.

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There are many stories that surround the character Macaulay Culkin and his real life partner Jane Woll. The two were good friends and spent a lot of time going out together before their break up. This was the start of their friendship with Culkin taking him to places like the cinema and restaurants where they used to enjoy eating and drinking. The pair would often change into their masks and go by the same streets as Jim Broadbent. In one episode of the TV sitcom Friends, the three of them used to do a fake fight to keep their friends entertained while they were supposed to be looking for someone.


The Knutsford area is now known for it’s giant exhibition, the World’s Smallest Fours, held annually. This is a competition that requires the contestants to wear a knutsford mask at every stage of the competition. Masks are usually used throughout the UK, but they are made from a very hard plastic, so that they cannot easily rip or tear during wear. These masks are then put on display in a huge exhibition centre where people from all over the world can get to see them and admire the work of art that is being created inside the mask.

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