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Social Uses of a Temporary Workers Agency in France

In France, a temporary worker agence de recrutement (TWA) is a company that provides temporary staff to user enterprises. These agencies are regulated as umbrella companies and must adhere to the rules for the use of this type of workforce. In general, agency workers are considered equal to permanent employees in terms of pay, benefits and working conditions. End-of-assignment compensation compensates for the inherently unstable nature of temporary agency workers.

How To Save Money With Social Uses Of A Temporary Workers Agency In France?

In the UK, TAW is regulated by the Labour and Employment Act. It is used by temporary work agencies and companies to fill vacancies. It is also subject to a number of restrictive rules, which encumber the exchanges between companies, agencies, and workers. In this article, we examine the social uses of such restrictive rules and examine their mechanisms of managerialization and instrumentalization. Throughout, we will examine the ways in which TAWs consolidate their positions in the French labour market.

The DARES UNEDIC source makes monthly declarations of temporary work agencies on behalf of the employers. In addition, the INSEE Enquete sur l’emploi collects individual data that can be used to describe the population of agency workers. Since the introduction of TAW in France, these data sources have undergone changes that reduce their accuracy. The TAWs will no longer be subject to collective bargaining, and these agreements will not be enforceable against the user companies.

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