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If you are looking for a relaxing day or weekend getaway, then a trip to Capitola Beach would be perfect. Step away from Capitola Village and head to this quiet beach which is perfect for those wishing to shop and dine nearby to the water. There are fresh style, specialty shops, boutiques and delicious eateries plus beach-worthy restaurants, cafes and bars. During the warmer months, Capitola Beach also features a weekly concert series where in each night live music and dance performances are held.

Plan Ahead to Have A Memorable Experience

When you have reached your vacation destination, whether that be San Diego California or Maine, you may wish to stop in at the Sunoco gas station for some purchases, or if you prefer to stay dry this would be an ideal place to purchase a new cooler bag. At the end of the day, the key to having a memorable vacation is to plan ahead and things to do in Capitola that you have planned for. Whether it is a quick pit stop at one of the local dive shops, or stopping off at a local coffee shop for a caffeine fix; planning ahead can help make your vacation much more enjoyable. When you have planned to do certain things in your area and found a local spot to do them at, such as eating at a local restaurant or stopping off at a popular power bank, you will know that the time you spend there will be much more enjoyable because you will know exactly what to expect when you arrive.

If the crowd is a bit too much or you just prefer to spend your time on the beach doing things rather than watching the crowds go by, then consider renting a paddleboard and try your hand at surfing on the waves that lap the coast of Santa Cruz. While surfing on the Santa Cruz Coast, you will find a great variety of conditions to surf including beginners terrain, surf schools and professional surf locations. However, if you are more into the “surfing on the beach” kind of thing, then you will want to check out the surf camps that are located near the beach. With so many different types of surf available to you at Santa Cruz, you will want to make sure that you spend some time at least trying out some different types so that you will be able to find your own personal favorite.

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