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Top 3 Reasons Why Having Garage Door Key Cutting Tools Is Important

garage door key cutting

Although a garage door key cutting jig is often considered as being relatively an inexpensive alternative to the real thing, its utility and necessity should not be underestimated. Most homeowners tend to cut their keys in pieces rather than in a neat row. This is not only inconvenient but it can also render the security of your entire home insecure since you won’t know whether the person who cut your key has been properly secured on a deadbolt or not. The value of a deadbolt should never be underestimated and if you want to ensure that intruders or burglars are not able to enter your garage or house without harming you or anyone else, then you should ensure that you have a high quality deadbolt that provides you with maximum security.


While a deadbolt may appear simple, the construction of a garage door key cutting jig is as important (if not even more so) as a home key or a car key since the mechanism involved in cutting a garage door keys often consists of several individual parts that have to be perfectly synchronized in order for the whole mechanism to work correctly. If you accidentally cut one of these parts, then the lock may not be able to withstand much force. It can either break or become stuck causing untold damage to your home. Hence, you should ensure that you keep an extra set of spare garage door keys just in case one of the original sets gets lost or somehow gets damaged.


You can also opt to buy a window key duplicator in case you have lost your original set of garage door keys. This is a useful device that can be used to quickly (and easily) create a matching set of replacements. Replacing a garage door keys with a similar-looking window key takes only moments while a regular home key takes a lot of time and effort. Hence, it pays to know where you can get a duplicator if you have accidentally lost the original set of locks.

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