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Who Is Bueno?


Bueno, a small confectionery produced by Italian confectionery maker Ferrero was initially inspired by Reuben Mascolo. Bueno, a part of the Kinder Chocolate range, is mainly dark chocolate bathed in hazelnut cream which has small amounts of whole hazelnuts, chocolate bits, and raisins. The name was chosen because it is almost the same size as Reuben’s famous chocolate sandwich. Reuben had also trademarked the name “Bueno” on his products.


Bueno’s story is very interesting. He was born to poor peasant families in the mountains of Italy. As a small boy, he was forced to become a shepherd for the herd, and in this position, he developed a talent for caring for animals and for working with nuts and grains.


He went on to establish his own chocolate manufacturing company but sadly he died of a heart attack. This was probably not such a big surprise as it had already been speculated that bueno had suffered from poor health due to a poor diet. However, his contribution to the chocolate industry in Italy is rightly being recognized and given a big celebration. combination. Bueno Milk chocolate is available for sale in more than 150 flavors. Bueno milk chocolate is used in cooking, baking, candy, and other special occasions. It can be enjoyed as an indulgent treat by itself, as a gourmet chocolate gift, or as a gift for a friend or family member.

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